Our professional custom services allow our clients to implement their international shipping operations promptly and competently and save their time and money.

Customs clearance – is a complex work for the declaration of international cargo.

Successful management of foreign economic activity (FEA) requires significant costs and time, as well as specific knowledge and experience in customs, financial, logistical and legal fields. Therefore, companies whose activity involves the sale or purchase of goods or raw materials abroad, transfer of these functions to professionals specializing in Outsourcing.

The company offers its customers the full s FEA support, including foreign trade contracts with suppliers, the necessary shipping documents and certificates, customs clearance and air – marine cargo insurance.

Many years’ operational experience in FEA allows us quickly and effectively realize international transportation from and to Europe, Asia and the United States.

Our opportunities in international transportation:

  • Full line of transportation services
  • Import and Export – marine, air and ground transportation solutions
  • Freight Forwarding and Documentation Services (learn more)
  • Extensive network of contract carriers
  • Hazardous, Oversized and Project cargo handling
  • Refrigerated and Special Commodities
  • Same Day, Next Day and Deferred transport Services
  • Additional services
  • Customs Clearance
  • Air/Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Trade, Compliance and Regulatory Consultation


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